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Russell IPM is the market leader in providing customer-focused solutions to the issues that pest controllers and end users face. Russell IPM designs and manufactures pheromone lures and biopesticides for customers worldwide, and is the winner of two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade and Innovation.

Xlure – Home and Garden pest solution is a consumer-oriented range of products that brings Russell IPM’s experience in product development in professional pest control directly to the end user. Xlure – Professional range has been in the forefront of insect monitoring in the food industry over the past 15 years.

Xlure was a pioneer in introducing for the first time advanced mechanical mouse traps with a powerful attractant that give unparalleled performance in the sphere of professional pest control.

Russell IPM has been at the forefront of insect pheromone monitoring for more than twenty years. In addition to formulating 150 insect pheromone lures for insects from around the world, a variety of insect traps made of various materials is designed and manufactured in house. Russell IPM uses the latest technology in pressure-sensitive adhesive coating equipment to produce various sizes and formats of traps, and has the capability to incorporate pheromones and attractants into the adhesive layer for controlled release.

Our Capabilities

Over the last 30 years the Russell IPM research and development team has focused on producing high potential new products to best serve the agriculture sector, stored product industries, home and garden markets. Our research facilities include:

  • A pheromone dispenser formulation laboratory
  • A trap adhesive research unit
  • A sophisticated wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesive coating equipment
  • Technology to incorporate pheromones and attractants into the adhesive layer
  • An advanced in-house printing facility for custom made products.

Research & Development

Year on year our research and development generates new technology that fulfills our customer needs and enables us to develop the most promising products. Russell IPM has been the commercial partner in DEFRA (UK), KTP (UK) and EU funded projects concerning the development of multi-species attractant and pheromone release control technology. To maintain the highest quality, our technical team ensures strict quality control checks on every product before manufacture.

Find Us

The Russell IPM headquarters and main production facility is based in Deeside in the UK.

In addition there are five marketing subsidiaries in Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Bangladesh. Working closely with distribution partners, Russell IPM supplies a range of insect monitoring and control products worldwide.

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