07 Apr 2017

Clothes Moth Trap

The Clothes Moth Trap  is a discreet and effective prebaited sticky trap  for Monopis crocicapitella using a pheromone which specifically targets this newly discovered moth.

The trap monitors and detects infestation at an early stage and effectively traps the male moth’s, thus preventing reproduction without the need for insecticides. It is odourless to humans and will not leave behind a bad smell.

It operates around the clock  for with minimal service required and informs you as to whether or not you have a problem and how serious the problem may be.

The results will allow more targeted application of chemicals or other methods to control a fabric pest infestation. Pheromone traps only trap the MALE of the species.

 Photograph of Trap

1. Remove the release paper covering the glue and form the trap into the triangular shape as shown in the diagram.

2. Write the date on the trap.

3. Place the trap on a shelf in your living room or on top of a wardrobe in a bedroom.

4. Leave the trap for at least 3 months before returning to see what you have caught.