25 May 2017

Xlure RTU Combo 4 Trap

Xlure RTU Combo 4

A diamond-shaped glue trap, pre-baited with Plodia, Ephestia, Lasioderma and Trogoderma pheromones. Food attractants (kairomones) can be added to the trap for the monitoring of other insects. Xlure RTU Combo 4 is the ideal trap for comprehensive monitoring of flying stored product insects, such as raisin moths, Indian meal moths, tobacco moths.

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The Xlure RTU Combo 4 is a diamond-shape trap, which is ready to use and easy to assemble. Just follow the demo in the video, unfolding the trap and inserting the hanger into it. Then suspend the trap from a hook or handle at human height, for instance a window or high shelf handle. Avoid placing the trap in a wardrobe, cupboard or other closed spaces, as the potent glue on its inside may catch a fibre frim your clothes and damage them.
The traps are prebaited with the pheromones of four stored product insects, which last for up to 8 weeks.
Our system is also effective when used for monitoring. This early warning system will notify you to the presence of moths before the damage becomes too severe.
  • Simple, effective and ready to use (RTU)
  • Prebaited with pheromones to attracts and traps Indian meal moths, Raisin moths, tobacco moths, cloth moths and other species affecting stored products
  • Easy to use and replace
  • Poison-free and mess-free
  • Disposable after 8 weeks